American Veteran Honor Fund highlights Veteran candidates at all levels of government in order to inspire, inform and motivate other veterans to run for elected office. Federal candidates are some of the most visible politicians in the country, and focusing on their campaigns, methods, and results can help to enhance the campaigns of state and local hopefuls.

Veteran Candidates running on federal tickets help to drive an increased turnout among veteran voters in state and local elections. Highlighting federal candidates ensures that a light is shone on all veterans and drives voters to the polls.

This page serves as a resource guide and information portal for veteran voters and informs them of candidates running for office and where they stand on important issues relating to Veterans and other American freedoms.

Sam Brown, U.S. Army Captain Retired

For U.S Senate - Nevada
Infantryman deployed for combat tour to Afghanistan, father and service minded business man

Eli Bremer, U.S Air Force Major

For U.S Senate - Colorado
Former olympic athlete, founder of grassroots Olympic sponsorship program and member of 2016 presidential campaign

Marjorie Eastman, U.S Army Reserve Captain

For U.S Senate - North Carolina
Two time combat veteran, military spouse an mother and independent award-winning author

Jen Kiggans- U.S Navy

For U.S Senate - Virginia
Former Navy helicopter pilot, nurse practitioner, mental health care advocate

Lieutenant Colonel Ingrid Centurion, U.S. Army Retired

For U.S Congress - South Carolina
Iraq war combat pilot, entrepreneur and a mother of two boys serving in the Army

Nick De Gregorio, U.S Marine Corps Major

For U.S Congress - New Jersey
Infantry Officer in Iraq and Afghanistan, father and husband

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