American Veterans Honor Fund – Grassroots Political Organization

Dedicated to Helping Veterans Continue Their Service

American Veterans Honor Fund is a grassroots political organization built from the ground up to aid Veterans in their mission to continue their service. Our nation’s Veterans are tested leaders and men and women who have put their lives on the line for love of country.

America was birthed in the fires of revolution and built on the ideals of selfless service and bravery; ideals that have been lost in today’s “me-first” culture. Today, Military Veterans are the nearest relative to our founding fathers, those who risk their lives and their honor and sacrifice everything to make the country as great as it can be. Military Veterans, especially those with overseas, expeditionary, and combat experience, are the ideal leaders our country needs to repair its reputation and regain the trust of its citizens.

We need strong elected leaders, leaders who pledge to defend our nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. We must resist the trap of Socialism and fight to defend our democratic and capitalist principles. We cannot become over-reliant on other nations. Our sovereignty and ability to provide for ourselves is what separates us and makes America a great nation.