Are you a veteran and thinking
about running for office?

We need more veterans in office

Veteran numbers in office at the federal level have steadily declined since the Vietnam War. After the 2018 election, there were only 96 lawmakers with military experience in the 116th Congress. However, the good news is that the number of both female and freshman lawmakers has increased with the latest class.
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Veterans make great candidates and elected officials

Many veterans find themselves seeking a form of “second service” once their tenure in the military ends. It’s no secret that veterans often have many of the qualities that are desirable in a candidate running for public office. Between the level of commitment needed to serve their country and an understanding of the far-reaching effects of foreign policy, veterans are often among the most qualified candidates based on previous experience.
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Candidate guides and resources for veterans

Running for office involves plenty of planning, strategy, and execution. With the right resources and guides from industry professionals, you will have the campaign knowledge needed to run a competitive and successful campaign.

What will be covered in our candidate training guides for veterans?

During these trainings, we’ll be covering topics such as what to expect on the campaign trail, statistics on success rates of veteran campaigns, how to highlight your service and use it to your advantage, and an overall guide to running for office as a veteran. Bookmark this page and utilize it as we continue to provide more resources for veterans looking to run for office.

Campaign Guides & Resources

Thinking about running for office?