Announcing: 2022 Voter Guide for Midterm Elections!

2022 Voter Guide - American Veterans Honor Fund

Less than two years since the landmark 2020 Elections, which saw Joe Biden elected President and Democrats controlling Congress, another election season is upon us. The last year has been a turbulent one in both American politics and public life, and much will be riding on who comes out on top in the 2022 Midterm Elections.

These election cycles also give our organization a great opportunity to advocate for Veteran’s issues at the grassroots level. Veterans represent millions of votes and their unique place in American society make issues concerning them top priorities for candidates on both sides of the aisle. Not to mention, there are so many great Veterans running for office themselves!

But with so many races across all levels of government and so many issues being addressed, it can be difficult for voters to wade through all the information being thrown at them. That’s where we come in!

Our 2022 Voter Guide is meant to raise awareness on topics important to Veterans and highlight some who are running for office. This year’s voter guide covers:

  • Races We’re Watching
  • How Veterans Vote
  • How to Register to Vote in Your State

Our 2022 Voter Guide is a useful tool for voters around the nation to get the facts on the upcoming elections and learn how to best support veteran candidates at all levels of government.

Get your copy of our 2022 Voter Guide here.

2022 Voter Guide - American Veterans Honor Fund

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