Announcing: 2024 Voter Guide for the General Election

American Veterans Honor Fund 2024 Voter Guide for the General Election

The 2024 General Election is coming and, if we truly want to protect our veterans, we need to get as many veterans elected as possible and support the candidates who are pushing for pro-veteran bills and initiatives. While most of us are willing and eager to support our troops, many voters still aren’t aware of what’s being debated, or what’s likely to make a difference.

To better guide you in these important decisions, American Veterans Honor Fund has published its 2024 Voter Guide which is focused on a few key issues:

Military transition to civilian life: When veterans come home, they face a stark adaptation process. What are local jurisdictions doing to welcome them?

Military service benefits for veterans: A grim financial outlook makes it very tempting to save money by cutting off future payments. But this is a poor way to repay our soldiers!

Quality of care at VA facilities: Healthcare expenses are often life-altering for any family. As a society, we must ensure that every injury obtained in the line of duty is well-treated, using state-of-the-art technology and without risking bankruptcy.

America’s standing in the world: Our nation commands a special level of respect from other countries. This keeps us all safe, and it should be protected.

All these topics share a key feature: they directly affect veterans and active duty service members, and therefore, they need veterans to help guide them. The best way to get the right people behind these topics is to elect them. We hope this year’s Voters Guide will provide you and other voters with a deeper understanding of these topics – to be followed by comprehensive information on the candidates that vouch to address them in every jurisdiction.

Click here to access the 2024 Voter Guide. Then, share it with your friends, family, and other supporters of veterans in your network. Let’s make informed choices – it’s the least we can do!

American Veterans Honor Fund 2024 Voter Guide

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