Veteran Voter Turnout Boosts Support for Conservative Candidates in 2022 Midterm Elections

Boosts Support for conservative

Our 2022 Veteran-Focused “Get Out the Vote” (GOTV) campaign was a success, driving conservative veterans in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Georgia to the polls during the midterm election. Through targeted outreach, the program was able to engage veterans who typically do not vote in midterms and increase support for GOP candidates.

2022 Digital Video Ads

American Veterans Honor Fund 2022 Get Out The Vote Campaign Facebook Ads

Targeted ads were essential to the success of this GOTV campaign. The ads emphasized the importance of voting and provided information about the issues that were most important to conservative veterans. 

This campaign included digital video ads on Facebook specifically targeting 305,000 conservative veteran voters that did not vote in the last midterm. 

The video ad highlighted the consequences of liberal leadership in Washington DC, discussed the retreat from Afghanistan and the dangers of allowing dictators to exert their might on the global stage. The video ad urged military veterans to vote in the November elections to help end this “madness”.

The video had over 600,000 impressions with more than 300,000 watching the entire video at least one time. 

Let’s look at the impact on voter turnout.

GOTV Campaign on Voter Turnout

The GOTV campaign was a big success when it comes to getting voters to the polls and the data is in.

This campaign targeted a select group of 305,000 veteran voters who did not vote in the last midterm election.

In the final voting stats, in the key swing states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Georgia, this GOTV campaign helped reach 117,476 voters that cast their ballots. In North Carolina, a total of 27,650 from the target audience voted. This means that our 2022 Veteran-Focused “Get Out the Vote” campaign helped turn out 145,126 (nearly 48%) of the 305,000 targeted conservative Veterans who did not vote in the last midterm.

The numbers are clear. Our GOTV campaign at American Veteran Honors Fund was successful in helping elect conservative candidates in Ohio, North Carolina, and a run-off election in Georgia for US Senate. This is a testament to the impact effective GOTV campaigns, like this one, can have on boosting voter turnout and making a difference on elections.

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