Conservative Veterans Running For Office 2022

Kristopher Anderson

Ohio State House of Representatives

 Kristopher Anderson (Republican Party) is the only Republican candidate running for election to the Ohio House of Representatives to represent District 33. He is on the ballot in the Republican primary on August 2, 2022. The general election will occur on November 8, 2022.

 Anderson completed Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection survey in 2022. Click here to read the survey answers

 Kristopher Anderson is an Army Veteran, Student at the University of Akron with the Major of Communications, and a leader in the community. His professional experience is in tax preparing and private security. It should come at no surprise that he can see solutions for many of the issues that the Akron area faces today. Kris wants your vote so he can start to put those solutions in place. Kristopher advocates success in life for all of our citizens.

Energy is a local issue, a state issue, a national security issue, and an American issue.

 We feel the pain at the pump, We feel the pain of energy costs in heating our homes and Kristopher does too, if elected, in the State Legislature, Kristopher will work to pass legislation that drives down costs for our country, Ohio & District 33.

 Kristopher will work with businesses, small and large, his colleagues at the State House, and Akron local government to make Ohio and Akron, business friendly. This will bring economic opportunity and area revitalization to the city of Akron.

 It is essential that we create new pathways for communication and growth for the businesses that already exist in the city. It is also important that we continue working towards creating ways for entrepreneurs to bring business ideas to fruition.

 Tax climate, regulatory environment, labor laws and workforce development are all issues for businesses that Kristopher can help address at the State House when he is elected.

 As your State Representative, Kristopher will host frequent in-person town halls in the district. Kristopher will have an answer to your email and/or phone calls in a timely manner.

Kristopher is passionate about making government work for the people, not the other way around. Akron’s politicians are thriving while the city continues on a path of poverty, crime, and low educational standards. As your State Representative, Kristopher will work for you.

The 3 key messages of Kristopher’s campaign. 

  1. School Choice – Demanding accountability and educational growth in education
  2. Better Local Government – Demanding transparency and making government work for the people.
  3. Economic Opportunities – Akron has the highest eviction rate in Ohio, let me help change that.