Military Veteran Takes On Embattled New Mexico Governor

Greg Zanetti - American Veterans Honor Fund

Over the course of this year, New Mexico’s Democrat Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, has come under fire for a sexual harassment scandal revealed to involve a former staffer.

In April, The New York Post reported:

“New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s campaign has shelled out at least $62,500 to a former staffer after he accused her of grabbing his crotch and laughing at him in front of his co-workers.”

Grisham campaign spokesman, Jared Leopold, claims that despite the settlement the claims remain “dubious” and “disputed”.

But it appears that voters are not buying it.

A poll of 600 likely voters in New Mexico conducted by the polling research firm, Cygnal, revealed the following:

“Regarding favorability, Lujan Grisham has a 46.9% rating, while 50.9% of voters think of her unfavorably. Regarding job approval, Lujan Grisham has only 46.5% approval while 48.5% disapprove. The real blow to Lujan Grisham is when voters were asked if Lujan Grisham “deserves reelection.” Only 43.7% said she deserves to be reelected while 52.4% resoundingly said she does not.”

Enter Greg Zanetti.

Greg Zanetti - American Veterans Honor Fund

Greg Zanetti is a West Point graduate and investment adviser, who once ran for Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico in 1994 and entered the gubernatorial race there in 2010.

He has also built a local radio following.

The AP notes that:

“Zanetti grew up in Albuquerque and graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in 1980 to serve six years on active duty. He later entered the National Guard and was deployed in 2005 as a brigadier general to a task force that oversees the detention center at the U.S. naval base at Guantánamo Bay at the southeastern end of Cuba.”

Zanetti’s campaign website also notes that Zanetti has been a champion of conservative causes for well over a decade:

“Serving on the New Mexico Right to Life board for 15 years and as the chairman of the New Mexico Chapter of U.S. Term Limits and New Mexico Right to Work. Further, Greg has been the two-time elected Chair of the Bernalillo County GOP.”

Zanetti’s top priorities as governor would be to depoliticize the Covid-19 response in New Mexico, which he believes has been an excuse for increased governmental control and power grabbing by the current administration.

He will also work to open the economy through confronting the current tax structures in the state and changing the political culture surrounding business.

Finally, Zanetti understands the imperative of providing greater safety to the citizens of New Mexico, which his campaign notes is the second worst state in the country for violent offenses.

Greg Zanetti could be a fresh start for the state of New Mexico and could provide citizens a departure from the current embattled administration. Supporters of Zanetti say that he offers a unique blend of leadership as a Veteran and as an economic expert.

Greg Zanetti is running as a Republican for Governor of New Mexico. To view a more detailed breakdown of his campaign and platforms, visit his website here.

Image Credit: Greg Zanetti Campaign Website

At a time when Law Enforcement Officers in America are under constant attack in the American culture wars, those who protect and serve our communities at home need strong advocates. More importantly, at a time when the law has become political, America’s law enforcement communities need strong leadership. In Jefferson County, Alabama, residents have a chance to elect exactly that.

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