AVHF Success Story: Interview with Al Quaye on the Ohio Primaries

Al Quaye Interview - Ohio Primaries success

In a previous post, we covered Jim Trakas’ surprise victory in the primary election for the 17th House District of the Ohio General Assembly. His victory was bolstered by American Veterans Honor Fund outbound voter activation leading into the days prior to the election.

As covered previously, Jim was less a typical politician and more a true community servant. Jim has a long history in Ohio politics and a reputation for being honest and genuine. A family man who owns a local business and takes care of his mother who lives with his family in the outer suburbs, Jim was the clear ideal candidate but lacked the resources to generate voter buzz throughout the primary.

When analyzing the election it was clear that Jim was severely limited in budget and trailed his opponent, Michael Canty,  in media spend. In fact, Jim was the subject of a series of negative TV ads run in the weeks leading into the election. Jim primarily took to grassroots efforts, meeting constituents at events and in their neighborhoods.

The organization targeted 3-4k Veteran households in the district and reminded them about the election by placing a series of GOTV calls and contacts to these voters with a message about why Jim Trakas was the right candidate to vote for in the OH primary election.

The American Veterans Honor Fund Perspective with Al Quaye

Al Quaye, American Veterans Honor Fund Board President, took the time to sit with us to discuss the outbound call center strategy that was rapidly deployed on behalf of Jim Trakas. Take a listen and learn not only how we were able to help, but why our mission in this mid-term season is so vital to supporting military veterans and their families:


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