American Veterans Honor Fund Launches Pledge to Encourage Americans to “Vote for Vets!”

American Veterans Honor Fund - Press Release

Alexandria, VA – American Veterans Honor Fund, a grassroots political organization that prepares Veterans to serve in an elected capacity at state and local levels of government, launched their nationwide voter outreach campaign today. The organization is encouraging citizens all over the country to sign their pledge to vote for military veterans running for office in upcoming elections at local and state levels.

American Veterans Honor Fund provides training, technology, and an experienced network of contacts, experts, and professionals dedicated to preparing our Veterans to serve in an elected capacity at the state and local levels of government. The vision of the organization is to “become the preeminent proponent of Veteran politicians in the nation.” One aspect of this mission is to engage and activate voters that understand why Military Veterans are the ideal leaders for elected positions, and to encourage citizens to do their research and actively support Veteran candidates. 

“Today, Military Veterans are the nearest relative to our founding fathers, those who risk their lives and their honor and sacrifice everything to make the country as great as it can be. Military Veterans, especially those with overseas, expeditionary, and combat experience, are the ideal leaders our country needs to repair its reputation and regain the trust of its citizens,” Executive Director Al Quaye stated. “They have already proven their commitment to our nation, and understand how to be the strong, steadfast leaders we need in government.” 

American Veterans Honor Fund’s nationwide pledge will reach thousands of citizens every month, and will continue to gather signatures through the federal election on November 4th, 2020. To sign their pledge, visit

Veterans Running for Office - American Veterans Honor Fund

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