The Election is Over – but the Fight for our Veterans Carries On

Post election - American Veterans Honor Fund

November 3rd has come and gone. After a frenzied campaign season where candidates for all levels of government have presented their platforms, made their promises, and Americans have finally cast their ballots. Now that a new government has been elected, the age-old question remains: will the candidates live up to their campaign promises?

Post election - American Veterans Honor Fund

One of the most sought-after votes from any demographic of American society has always been our military veterans. Many promises are made to honor them, fight for them, and take care of them the way they deserve after putting their life and limb on the line for our country and our Constitution. But now, the season of campaign promises and pledges has come and gone. That is why now, more than ever, it is imperative not to lose sight of those who need our support; our nation’s veterans.

Why must we reaffirm our commitment to our vets? At the American Veterans Honor Fund, we believe our Veterans are our closest living relatives to the Founding Fathers. They represent honor, sacrifice, and commitment to traditional American values. They personify the ethic of service to a greater cause and are our national heroes. They are the leaders we need to continue to repair the integrity of our nation and restore the public trust in its institutions.

We are launching a mail-in insert to recommit ourselves to supporting our Veterans. The election is over but now is the time to dig in and keep fighting for those who fought for us. Take the pledge and recommit to supporting our great Veterans!

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