Top Resources for Veterans Running for Office

Top Resources for Veterans Running for Office - Veterans - Elections - American Veterans Honor Fund

Running for office as a veteran is a long road, but with the right support and resources a veteran can successfully step into a new form of public service. Veterans are highly valued, and their voices widely respected in political office. And while numbers of veterans in office has grown in recent years, the need for representation by these diverse and experienced voices is still high.

With that in mind, American Veterans Honor Fund has compiled a list of resources that can be of particular use for veterans who are considering or starting a run for office. This list will be continuously updated, so save it to keep on hand when the need arises.

Resources for Veterans Running for Office

New Politics Leadership Academy

An organization dedicated to the recruitment, training, and support of veteran political candidates.

Veterans Campaign

Leadership coaching and training for veteran political candidates seeking to make the most of their campaigns.

Vote Vets

An action fund committed to supporting veterans and giving them a voice on the campaign trail through means such as ads and media appearances.

With Honor

A cross-partisan organization dedicated to promoting and advancing principled veteran leadership in public office. This organization can help communicate messages and drum up support for veteran candidates and proposals.

American Majority

A 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to training conservative candidates for their best success on the campaign trail.

How to Run for Local Office

A book by Robert J. Thomas

An updated, step-by-step guide to running for any office, from local to national level. A perennial resource for new candidates.

Leadership Institute

A conservative training organization dedicated to teaching candidates about success in politics, government, and the media.

My Campaign Coach

A dedicated team of campaign coaches and political operatives dedicated to conservative candidate and campaign development.

Organizations for Conservative Women

A curated guide to organizations specifically dedicated to supporting female conservative political candidates.

These resources provide insight and advice on the process of running for public office at any level. Many organizations are dedicated to the cause of supporting veterans running for office. These organizations can provide more specialized assistance to veterans because of their specific missions.

Support is necessary during a campaign, and in a political environment that’s competitive at every level, candidates will need as much strength and support as they can muster. These resources are a starting point for building a strong and competitive campaign.

Most would say that a desire to better their community and to serve their country is one of the biggest motivators to run for office. The chance to make a difference is motivation enough for many. This includes veterans, who have often found a “second service” home in elected office. But why do veterans make such strong political candidates? Find out here.

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