Two Texas Combat Vets We’re Watching in Race for the House

Combat Vets Texas Race - American Veterans Honor Fund

Two Veterans are up-and-comers in the state of Texas. Both are combat Veterans looking to get elected to the House of Representatives.

Morgan Luttrell

The first candidate is Republican Morgan Luttrell, who won the Republican nomination to run for the Texas’ 8th District House seat.

Morgan Luttrell is a retired Navy Seal who enlisted in the service after college and spent 14 years in the military, according to his campaign website. “From Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training (BUD/S) to Officer Candidate School, Morgan excelled as top grad—no matter the challenge. He served multiple combat deployments and led his troops as a Naval Special Warfare Officer,” it says.

Inspired by his recovery from a helicopter crash that left him with a broken back and traumatic brain injury in 2009, Luttrell earned an advanced degree in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience following his retirement from the military. He would go on to develop his own innovative health and wellness platform to help veterans suffering from physical and psychological injuries related to their service.

Combat Vets Texas Race - American Veterans Honor Fund

But that’s not all. Luttrell’s work caught the eye of Trump Administration Secretary of Energy (and former Texas Governor) Rick Perry, who appointed him a Special Advisor to the DOE. His mission was “the creation of the Artificial Intelligence and Technologies Office to ensure America continued to outpace Russia and China in the development of machine-learning technology,” his campaign says.

Morgan Luttrell is running as a lifelong Texan who aims to “bring bold leadership, put America first, fight to finish the Wall, stop radical indoctrination in our kids’ classrooms, defend from increasing cybersecurity threats, stand with Israel, and protect America from the threat of Russia and China and socialists here at home.”

Wesley Hunt

The second combat Veteran we’re watching in Texas is retired Army Veteran, Wesley Hunt. Hunt has won the Republican nomination in a new district, the 38th District, which Texas was able to carve out due to its recent population growth reported in the 2020 Census.

Hunt is a graduate of West Point who completed 55 air missions as an Apache helicopter pilot during Operation Iraqi Freedom. “Wesley’s service included one combat deployment to Iraq, and two deployments to Saudi Arabia where he served as a Diplomatic Liaison Officer,” his campaign website says. Following his retirement from the military, Hunt received multiple advanced degrees, including an MBA from Cornell.

Hunt is running on a platform targeting several hot button issues with conservatives in recent years. This includes securing the border, supporting the 2nd Amendment & law enforcement, and defending election integrity with measures such as Voter ID laws.

These men embody lives of service and sacrifice which we believe exemplify the strengths of all Veteran candidates. They both offer voters in their districts the opportunity to elect leaders who put the Constitution and interests of the country ahead of their own.

Don’t forget to Vote for Vets this November!

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