Update: “Get Out the Vote” for Plano, TX Run-Off Elections


Back in April we launched a “Get Out the Vote” campaign in Plano, Texas, in the run op to that city’s May 1st local elections. We were able to reach thousands of prospective voters through a multi-pronged outreach campaign spanning from social media to old-fashioned cold calling.

You can see some of the results of that campaign here.

However, two seats in the Plano City Council did not meet the necessary threshold for a decisive winner, leading to a run-off election for City Council Place 4 & Place 7 on June 5th.

In this case, no candidates from the May 1st election received at least 50% of the vote for the seats they were running for, triggering the run-offs. Run-offs are essentially a winner take all race between the two candidates for a seat who scored the highest total of votes during the original election.

It is important that we remain just as involved as during the original election to create as much voter participation in the run-offs as possible.

Kayci Prince was the winner of Place 4, earning approximately 56% of the vote.

Julie Holmer was the winner of Place 7, earning approximately 54% of the vote.

For our part, we were once again able to reach tens of thousands of voters via text, phone calls, and social media outreach. We were able to reach over 77,000 prospective voters via Facebook advertising alone.

As we depart from Plano, we look back on two successful “Get Out the Vote” campaigns there and look forward to making an impact on other local elections as we gear up for election season 2022.

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