Veterans Running for House Seats in 2022

Veterans Running for House Seats - American Veterans Honor Fund

National elections slated for November of this year and it’s as important a year as ever. America is more divided than ever, and the disillusionment with America’s political class is growing even bigger. 

Veteran Candidates running on federal tickets help to drive an increased turnout among veteran voters in state and local elections. Highlighting federal candidates ensures that a light is shone on all veterans and drives voters to the polls.

Below is a sample of Veteran candidates running for House seats in the United States Congress in 2022, who we are excited to throw our support behind as election season gets underway!

Nick De Gregorio – New Jersey, 5th Congressional District

Nick De Gregorio was just 16 when he heard the fighter jets scramble towards New York City on September 11th. He knew that very day that when he was old enough, he would volunteer to serve and defend his country. This Veteran Marine Corps infantry officer called serving in both Afghanistan and Iraq “the honor of my life.” But when De Gregorio finally got home from war, he realized much was wrong right here at home. “Taxes are out of control. Businesses and jobs are fleeing, taking our neighbors with them. Our classrooms—once safe places for our children to learn to think for themselves—are now devolving into testing grounds for radical political ideology.” De Gregorio views political office as his latest call to duty. He is running to defeat the self-serving politicians in Washington and to empower the people of this country once again.

Cory Mills – Florida, 7th Congressional District

Another Veteran running in Florida is running to re-empower the people’s voice. Cory Mills describes himself as “a husband, father, patriot, combat veteran, entrepreneur, foreign policy expert, and true American conservative. Cory believes in FIGHTING for the people, restoring the voice of “We The People” — America’s voice — and making America First Again.” Cory is a decorated US Army combat veteran who was awarded a Bronze Star during his career, which included deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. And it was the debacle created by the Biden Administration in its withdrawal from Afghanistan which helped push Mills into the race for Congress. The tragic withdrawal which led to countless deaths, including of American soldiers, is the result of incompetence endemic in the political class, and represents an “America Last” policy which Mills vows to fight against if elected to office.

Graham Allen – South Carolina, 7th Congressional District

Why is retired Army Staff Sergeant Graham Allen running for office? According to his campaign, it is because his opponent, Tom Rice, betrayed his constituents when he voted to impeach Donald Trump. “South Carolina’s 7th Congressional District voters overwhelmingly endorsed President Trump’s America First agenda twice at the ballot box. But Congressman Rice betrayed their confidence when he caved to the far-left mob and their enablers in Big-Tech and the mainstream media.” He believes this was emblematic of the entrenched corruption of Washington, DC, where politicians often put their personal interests ahead of the interests of the people they represent. This Veteran of the Operation Iraqi Freedom vows to protect Americans’ Constitutional rights, including the 1st and 2nd, to protect our borders, and to restore election integrity.

Though he chose to end his congressional candidacy on January 28th, his story is still important and worth a share to raise awareness and inspire others.

Veterans Running for Office - American Veterans Honor Fund

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