Veterans Running for Senate Seats in 2022

Veterans Running for Senate 2022 - American Veterans Honor Fund

2022 is here and it’s time to gear up for primaries this spring and the general elections slated for November of this year. After a year of Joe Biden’s Presidency, America is more divided than ever, and the disillusionment with America’s political class is growing even bigger. The elections of 2022 will be decisive, with many speculating that the results will be a harsh rebuke of not only the president, but of the Washington DC elite on either side of the aisle who have lost the trust of the American people. 

We believe Veterans running for office are the remedy from the self-dealing political class, and 2022 presents a unique opportunity to reset the status quo in government. Below is a sample of Veteran candidates, running for the Senate at both the federal and state level in 2022, who we are excited to throw our support behind as the election season gets underway!

CPT Sam Brown – US Senate, Arizona

Sam Brown grew up the oldest of five children in a rural town in Arkansas. Like so many other brave young patriots, Sam answered the call to serve his country a month after the September 11th terrorist attacks after being accepted by West Point. Sam would go on and graduate as an infantry officer, and later, he graduated from the elite US Army small-unit leader courses, earning the designation as an Airborne Ranger. Eventually, he would go on to be deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan as an infantry platoon leader. However, just months into his deployment, Sam was critically injured when his vehicle struck a roadside IED. In September 2011, Sam was medically retired from the Army with the rank of Captain. Today, he is running for the US Senate in Nevada, where he now lives. On the issues, he stands against Cancel Culture, securing the border, preventing a Socialist economy, expanding Trump era improvements to the VA, and more. Visit his campaign website here.

Ingrid Centurion –  US Congress, South Carolina

Veterans Running for Senate 2022 - American Veterans Honor Fund

Ingrid is a first generation American, whose father was from Argentina and whose mother from Puerto Rico. Sadly, tragedy struck when Ingrid was just two years old. Her father was killed after her parents were in a serious car accident. Despite this tragedy, Ingrid’s mother taught her family to persevere. At the age of just 16, Ingrid saved up $3000 to pursue her dream of becoming a pilot. By 17, this dream was realized and by 20, Ingrid was a licensed commercial pilot. Eventually, she would go on to serve her country for more than two decades in the Army as a helicopter pilot. According to her campaign bio, “She is a combat tested and proven leader who flew combat missions searching for terrorist groups from Balad Airport, Iraq. Ingrid served our country for over two decades in the U.S. Army as a helicopter instructor and maintenance test pilot and RC-12P fixed wing pilot.” The retired Lieutenant Colonel is married to a fellow Army Veteran, and both of their children are currently enlisted.

Marjorie K. Eastman – US Senate, North Carolina

Marjorie Eastman is another War on Terror Veteran who enlisted following the September 11th terrorist attacks. She would go on to serve in the Army Reserve for ten years as an intelligence officer and commander. “Her ten years of post-9/11 military service include two combat deployments, one in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the other in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan,” her campaign biography says. In addition, she is an award-winning author, entrepreneur, and military spouse. One of Eastman’s top priorities is to bring America’s fledgling educational system back on track. View the rest of her platform here.

Eli Bremer – US Senate, Colorado

Not only is Eli Bremer a Veteran, but he is also an Olympic Athlete! Eli is a native Coloradan who graduated from the US Air Force Academy and went on to serve 14 years as a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force, both on active duty and the reserves. He has been an announcer for the Olympics with NBC, served as the county chair of the El Paso GOP in Colorado, and been a corporate consultant. He even worked on Donald Trump’s successful 2016 Presidential campaign. One of his stated positions is depoliticizing the United States military through eliminating “woke” agendas within it. Learn more about Eli here.

Jen Kiggans – State Senate, Virginia

Before Jen Kiggans began her military service, she earned a degree from Boston University in International Relations and taught English in Japan for one year. She then graduated from the Navy Flight School in 1995, serving for a total of ten years as a helicopter pilot flying H-46 and H-3 helicopters, and deploying twice to the Persian Gulf. Following her service, Jen used the GI bill to pursue further education to become a board-certified Adult-Geriatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. Jen is an active leader, currently a member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Virginia Geriatrics Society, American Nurses Association, and the American Legion Post 110. Jen has been moved to run for the Virginia Senate by her frustration with the current political climate in the country. “Jen believes politics is about public service rather than serving one’s self and is honored to serve her constituency in the 7th Senate District,” her campaign says. The true embodiment of what we look for in a candidate!

Veterans Running for Office - American Veterans Honor Fund

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