We Are Launching A Mail Insert Fundraising Campaign to Help Our Vets Win This Election Cycle!

Vote for Vets - American Veterans Honor Fund

The 2020 Federal Election Cycle is perhaps the most consequential in American Politics in more than a century. If we consider the full-frontal assault Leftists are attempting to mount on our traditional institutions via the Democratic Party, it may just be the most consequential election ever. At no time in our nation’s history has the idea of dismantling the core foundations of our Republic been embraced by so many of our fellow citizens.

At the American Veterans Honor Fund, we believe that the lack of Veterans serving in government has directly contributed to the hyper partisan divide and decline in Patriotism which is currently leading us to the brink of political disaster. That is why we are launching a mail insert to promote awareness on the importance of Veterans in government and to help facilitate essential fundraising needed to get them there.   

Vote for Vets - American Veterans Honor Fund

Why are Veterans so important to our political system? We believe that Veterans share in the same heritage of sacrifice which secured the independence from Great Britain for those 13 American Colonies at the birth of our nation in 1776. They are our nation’s strongest links to our Founding Fathers who laid it all on the line to secure Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of Happiness for all Americans. American Veterans are our ideal candidates for government because they have already laid their lives on the line to protect our nation’s sovereignty. Out of many they were one to serve a cause higher than themselves-To protect and defend our Constitution & our Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.

This is why we find the current level of Veterans serving in government, especially Congress, as incredibly alarming. As we have noted in previous posts, the current level of Veterans serving in Congress is at an abysmal 19%-which is nearly an all-time low! In the 20th Century, Veterans constituted a far larger number of Congressional representatives, and with the steady decline in their numbers came the increase in ineffective government and rise of career bureaucrats.

It is more important than ever before to beat back the tide of self-interested politicians who have never sacrificed for their country. We cannot continue to allow our political systems to be dominated by those who would out their own personal ideology ahead of the founding principles of our country. We must defeat those who would put the welfare of their corporate donors and special interests ahead of the well being of our Republic and our fellow citizens. We need more Veterans in government to bring honor back into our political system and to protect the Constitution of this country against those who are seeking to shred it beyond recognition. We need Veterans and they need our help! If they are to succeed they need us to have their back and fundraising is the most critical element to overcoming the D.C. political machine.

Veterans Running for Office - American Veterans Honor Fund

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