Allies Abandoned: What Veterans Say About the Embarrassment in Afghanistan

Abandonment in Afghanistan Survey - American Veterans Honor Fund

President Joe Biden’s execution of the American military withdrawal from Afghanistan will likely go down as one of the most needless, preventable, and humiliating foreign policy debacles in American history.

Over a dozen servicemen & women needlessly lost their lives in suicide bombings at the Kabul International Airport and countless other Afghan civilians perished alongside them. Spin doctors, apologists, and the administration itself defend this disaster by stating it was the will of the American people to leave Afghanistan.

This is true. But it was not the will of the American people to do so incompetently.

And it is our nation’s Veterans, who perhaps most of all, felt the sting of this disaster as the Taliban swept through the country virtually erasing 20 years of sacrifice made by so many in an instant.

As an organization who works to advocate on behalf of America’s Veterans, we feel the pain felt by many and we’d like to hear from our nation’s Veterans directly.

That’s why we have decided to launch a survey to hear from you directly regarding the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Our survey, titled Vets Speak Out: Failure in Afghanistan, gives you a chance to share your intimate thoughts on the situation.

The Afghanistan withdrawal was a decisive moment in the Biden presidency that will likely have consequences for years to come. Many of America’s Veterans served and sacrificed during America’s longest war, and it is imperative that we hear from them directly as the administration scrambles to recover from the fallout of this disastrous situation.

Veterans, take the survey HERE today. We look forward to sharing with you the results!

Image Credit: Photo by Juli Kosolapova on Unsplash

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