2022 Primary Results for Veteran Candidates

2022 Elections in the United States

Earlier this year we published a list of promising Veteran candidates who were running for US Congress. Whether for House or Senate, these individuals represented distinguished military careers and personal lives, and the commitment to service that makes for the best public officials. Now that the primary season is ending, we will be moving our focus to the candidates left standing.

Below is an update on the six Veterans highlighted on our 2022 Veteran Candidates for U.S Senate and Congress landing page, including a brief description and the result of their races and status of their candidacy as election day approaches.

Sam Brown, U.S. Army Captain Retired

For U.S Senate – Nevada

“Infantryman deployed for combat tour to Afghanistan, father and service minded businessman.”

This retired Army captain squared off against six other Republican candidates in the Nevada primary for US Senate, but his primary competition came from former Nevada attorney general, Adam Laxalt. Interestingly, the Nevada Republican Party endorsed Brown, where Laxalt received more high-profile endorsements, like President Trump. Ultimately, Brown was defeated by Laxalt, who earned 56% of the vote to advance as the party’s nomination for Senate in November.

Eli Bremer, U.S. Air Force Major

For U.S Senate – Colorado

“Former olympic athlete, founder of grassroots Olympic sponsorship program and member of 2016 presidential campaign.”

Bremer was disqualified from the race before the primaries in June.

Marjorie Eastman, U.S. Army Reserve Captain

For U.S Senate – North Carolina

“Two-time combat veteran, military spouse and mother and independent award-winning author.”

2022 Primary Results for Veteran Candidates

Marjorie Eastman ran as a political outsider representing a break from the career politicians she was running against. “We’re not gonna get different results if we don’t send different people. so it’s time and I’m excited to share one of my nicknames, I’m the North Carolina Youngkin,” she said on the campaign trail in reference to Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin who won an upset victory last year. Unfortunately, this messaging was not enough to bring her over the finish line. Eastman received 2.2% of the vote in this year’s North Carolina Republican primary.

Jen Kiggans- U.S Navy

For U.S Senate – Virginia

“Former Navy helicopter pilot, nurse practitioner, mental health care advocate.”

Jennifer Higgins is a Virginia State Senator now eying Virginia’s Second Congressional District for US House. This summer she ran against three other Republican candidates and will now advance to face Democrat incumbent, Elaine Luria. “Joe Biden’s disastrous policies are on the ballot this November, and in the 2nd District, these policies go by the name of Elaine Luria,” she said after her victory. She won the Republican primary with 55% of the vote.

Lieutenant Colonel Ingrid Centurion, U.S. Army Retired

For U.S Congress – South Carolina

“Iraq war combat pilot, entrepreneur and a mother of two boys serving in the Army.”

Centurion withdrew from the race for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District before the official deadline to file. “I regret I must leave the race, but the mission remains the same,” she said before endorsing candidate Katie Arrington.

Nick De Gregorio, U.S Marine Corps Major

For U.S Congress – New Jersey

“Infantry Officer in Iraq and Afghanistan, father and husband. ”Nick De Gregorio was poised to win his first primary running as a Republican for New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District. His strongest competitor was investment banker Frank Pallotta. “De Gregorio dramatically outraised Pallotta, who didn’t self-fund the way he did last cycle, and cemented himself as the choice of national Republicans,” reported The New Jersey Globe.  But sadly, this momentum still wasn’t enough to bring him over the finish line. De Gregorio came in second during the primary, receiving 45% of the vote. Pallotta will move on in the race.

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